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Cleveland Family Law Offers Full-Service Family Law Counseling

A trusted counselor to guide you through the divorce process

Michael C. Asseff Attorney at Law offers high quality, flexible representation near Crocker Park in West Cleveland. For over 15 years, attorney Michael Asseff has dedicated himself to working with Ohio families and their family law concerns

Attorney Asseff offers mediation services to start. In many cases, a neutral third-party mediator can help couples through the issues they face with their impartial analysis. If your relationship has already gone past the point of reconciliation, Mr. Asseff can guide you through the divorce process—from beginning to end. He helps you through the property settlement phase by identifying marital and separate property and fighting for the possessions you most want to keep.

Lorain attorney handles child custody and child support

Child custody and child support can be two of the most highly contested issues in a divorce. Child custody is a non-negotiable item for many parents. While Ohio now permits shared custody, the fact remains that the parent the child lives with has much more control of the child’s education, religious instruction and health care. Child support is often a high-conflict area because the one spouse feels they need the money to provide for the child, while the other is often suspicious of waste or misuse of the support funds. Despite these mutual misgivings, the goal of both parties should always be to do what is best for the child caught-up in the divorce

Dependable advocacy for post-judgment modifications to support and custody agreements

As anyone who has been through a divorce with children can tell you, the price is letting the state act as a watchdog for the child’s best interests. What this means to you, is that the court may put some limits on your freedom. For instance, if you are the custodial parent you cannot just decide to move out of the state with your child. You need to go to the courts to approve the move or to make any other modifications in visitation or custody arrangements. If you would like to make changes or if your circumstances have already changed, you need an attorney to secure post-judgment modifications to your divorce.

Rely on us for your family law issues

Regardless of your family law issue or goals, Michael C. Asseff Attorney at Law can develop a plan of action and guide you through each step of the way. For your free consultation, please contact the firm online or call 440-520-1222 today.