Your case is about more than just the facts and the law.

Mr. Asseff believes that a client’s case is more than just a collection of factual data applied to law, and that if a lawyer cannot meet the intangible needs of the client, all of the awards and honors and accolades he or she may have hanging on the office wall mean absolutely nothing.  People rarely call a lawyer when life is going wonderfully, and a lawyer must understand that just as no two cases are ever the same, no two clients are ever the same.  Whether you come to the office for family law, criminal law, an OVI/DUI, another attorney’s mistakes, or a dispute involving home construction or business relationship, you are always treated as a person and your issue receives individual attention.  Our Cleveland law firm offers:

A personal approach Mr. Asseff insists on speaking personally with all clients in the first consultation because he believes it is the best opportunity to speak one-on-one with the client and so to learn not just about the facts of a client’s situation, but also about the client as a person.

Flexibility Life is aggravating enough these days, and Mr. Asseff believes that communication with one’s attorney should not add to that aggravation.  Mr. Asseff will return a call, an email, a text, a fax or even a DM within 8 to 12 hours of receiving it, and he will accommodate his schedule to meet the client’s schedule, not the other way around, even if it requires evening or weekend appointments.

Convenience — Having once had an office in downtown Cleveland, Mr. Asseff knows just how atrocious the parking situation is there.  That is why he moved his office to beautiful Westlake, Ohio, right off I-90 at the Crocker exit.  The office has plentiful parking, it is always free, and you will never have to park a 1/2 mile away just to find a spot.  Equally convenient for those in Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties, the office is a 12 minute drive from downtown Cleveland and a 15 minute drive from downtown Elyria.  And if you need to run an errand either before or after an appointment, the office is directly across from Crocker Park and Westlake Promenade.

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